About Us

Who We Are

Help Young People Thrive Ltd is an organisation inspired to transform young people for a brighter future. We believe in the unique potential that each young person holds and strive to provide resources and the right guidance to help them thrive.
We are committed to helping young people rebuild their lives by ensuring that they are equipped with life and social skills necessary for them to flourish. Its is our promise that each young person accustomed to our care will receive effective support, guidance and encouragement and as such connect the dot between their goals and positive outcomes.
Help Young People Thrive focuses its efforts on identifying areas for personal development and supporting young people in acquiring the essential life skills. Help Young People Thrive collaborates with parents or guardians, the young person’s social worker, and other professionals to find a placement that meets their long-term requirements.


Our Core Values



We strive to maintain our stakeholders confidence in our integrity, reliability, equality and diversity.



We Inspire, encourage and give hope to our young people.



We embrace the challenges we face in our commitment to break the barriers to our young people’s brighter future.



We pursue the refinement of our service to service users, staff, local authorities and other stakeholders alike.



We recognise and appreciate each young person’s own worth and potential.



We aim for perfection