Our Services

Supporting Young People

Help Young People Thrive Ltd works with local authorities to provide their young people with floating support, and accommodation, for semi-independent young people between the ages of 16 and 25. We support young people in their transition to independence and adulthood by working on aspects that include their basic life skills, behaviour and morals, confidence and self-esteem and respect for self and others. We boast a highly passionate support team, with vast experience and dedication in dealing with young people; bringing the best out of every individual.

Our Support

We provide tailored support for young people to develop life skills needed for them to be fully independent as they transition into adulthood. Each young person will have their support plan which is based on an assessment of the young person’s unique needs.

Getting Used To New Accommodation

We provide support with understanding and managing security, accessing local services, being a good neighbour and sharing amenities.

Household Skills

Young people are supported in learning how to use electrical appliances, doing laundry, cooking & meal planning, storage of food and cleanliness.

Budgeting & Money Management

Each service user's keyworker will help them with budgeting, paying bills, general money management including debt advice.

Education & Employment

We support young people in accessing education and employment, attending interviews, preparing cv and career guidance.


Our support also includes helping young people register with general practitioners, attending medical appointments, and promoting their wellbeing.

Stepdown Support

At a stage where a service user can manage independent living, we support them with exploring and acquiring housing.

Religion & Culture

We support young people to maintain their culture and religion while encouraging their participation in celebrations, traditional and religious festivals.

Emotional & Social Matters

We discuss any personal or emotional concerns and support young people by signposting them to appropriate services where necessary. We also help in accessing social activities in the local area or beyond.

Personal Goals

Our staff is very supportive in helping young people make good decisions. We also play a role in encouraging and guiding service user's towards their goals.